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Much more than a printing company... high-end flexographic printing! We are able to print on a wide range of substrates and we have a large inventory of cutting dies. Perhaps we already have the right one for you?



We recognize that our manufacturing processes may have an impact on the environment, so we give ourselves the responsibility to minimize this impact in order to reduce our ecological footprint. To that end, we adopt daily behaviors that reflect this direction while maintaining the quality of our products and services.
At Alliance Labels and Packaging Solutions, the environment and sustainable development are at the heart of our concerns:

  • Recycle and reduce our waste (production plant and office)

  • Maximize the use of our resources

  • Buy locally whenever possible

  • Maximize the recycling of inks and varnishes

  • Prioritize the purchase of recycled materials

  • Favor the use of water-based inks

  • Train employees to recognize opportunities for improvement

  • Choose conscientious suppliers

  • Request engine shutdown in reception / shipping area

  • Purchase energy-efficient equipment

  • Obtain a certification stating that the paper we use is produced in accordance with sustainable forest management procedures.



Our equipment fleet offers you lot of flexographic presses (narrow web) with european technology, equipped with cameras and a waste-management control system. Our high velocity slitter/rewinders are mounted with a strobe inspection light that allows us to make precise cuts while making the final inspection of your labels.


Alliance Labels and Packaging Solutions has a contingency plan to deal with any contingency, such as a fire or other major disaster. This emergency measure provides 100% supports for our production and guarantees our customers risk-free solutions.

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