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Alliance Étiquettes et Solutions d’emballage

Étiquettes et Solutions d'emballage
Labels and Packaging Solutions

About Us

About Alliance Labels and Packaging Solutions

Founded in 1998 and still under the direction of its founding president, Alliance Labels and Packaging Solutions has grown steadily since its inception and occupies a prominent position in the self-adhesive labels and packaging products industry.



Our success lies in the constant desire to excel and innovate as well as in our passion for flexography and quality work. All our employees share this passion and are recognized as active members of this success.

To meet the growing needs of its customers, in 2012 Alliance Labels became in Alliance Labels & Packaging Solutions. From a very modest start, the company has now grown to over 50 employees and has more than quintupled its surface occupancy.

Your satisfaction is our priority and forms the basis of a long-term business relationship. We are proud of our progress and are more than confident in the future of our team.


Our vision is to become a leader in the field of labels and packaging solutions. We continually strive for this through our expertise and our staff’s commitment, through our innovation and our use of cutting edge technology, and through the pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction and product reliability and quality. With effort and passion… together as a team!


The Alliance team's mission is to offer a wide range of labels and high-quality packaging solutions in a timely fashion, at very competitive prices ... all while respecting the environment.

Our relationship with all our customers is, and has always been a priority. We are constantly evolving to meet or to exceed the uncompromising demands and growing needs of our customers, in order to add value to their products.


Alliance Labels and Packaging Solutions adheres to the values and code of conduct that are the foundation of our organization. These values guide our actions and decisions towards achieving our mission and vision.

Privacy Policy

You will not see any photos of our customers' products on this site. Although that practice can be very advantageous, we deliberately chose not to do so.

Alliance Labels and Packaging Solutions is committed to respecting the confidentiality of all printing projects entrusted to us. Information about your products, your projects and/or your marketing intentions is, and will remain confidential. This information will not be made public, reused or sold to third parties without your explicit consent.

  • Integrity and honesty in our business dealings
  • Quality and continuous improvement of our products and services
  • Listening to the customer and their needs
  • Staff recognition as the top company asset
  • Favoring sustainable and environmentally conscious development
  • Creating a good team spirit with both our employees and clients
  • Enjoying working together
  • Selecting suppliers who shares these principles
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