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Alliance Étiquettes et Solutions d’emballage

Étiquettes et Solutions d'emballage
Labels and Packaging Solutions


Flexible Packaging for Attractive Products

Flexible packaging is a versatile, attractive and very interesting medium used for all industries. It contains the goods and promotes them at the same time. We will help you choose the perfect type of packaging for your product and will do everything possible to establish your brand! With Alliance Labels and Packaging Solutions, you will be able to stand out with our flexible packaging products.


Food Packaging

The flexible packaging industry serves the food industry well. Depending on the selection of materials and the sealing method, flexible packaging allows for the printing of images and regulatory elements of consumption. It can also reveal content, protect the product and ensure freshness.

Confectionery Packaging

Also present in the confectionery industry, flexible packaging is solid, reliable and great for long term storage. It is perfect for dry foods, sweet snacks, hard candy or gelatins, chocolate, etc ...


Pouch is the perfect packaging for a large range of food and non-food products. Ideal for powders, liquids, creams, wipes, samples, travel and test sizes, teas, herbs, etc.

Standing Pouch

Standing pouch may be a modern, durable and useful solution to facilitate the consumption of a product. This option also makes it stand out and makes it brand itself.

Other Applications

This type of packaging is also useful for packing hardware items, toys, lotteries, sporting goods, etc.

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