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Interactive Image

Interactive Images : Go Beyond Packaging


What If Labeling or Packaging Initiated a Conversation with Your Clients? 

Thanks to interactive images, your products’ labeling and packaging become portals leading to a digital universe. The image may appear unaltered to the naked eye, but it hides barcodes that can be read by a cellphone camera, leading the user to a website. Once on the site, your customer discovers content related to your product, such as product specs, pricing, promotions, or any other information you wish to communicate.

The Benefits:

  • Imperceptible, it doesn’t affect the image
  • Interactive user experience
  • Simplified checkout process
  • Better factory efficiency
  • Data collection
  • Traceability

What you see


What your smartphone sees

Product with barrecodes

Learn more about our approach or about this new and innovative marketing technology: CONTACT ONE OF OUR SALES REPRESENTATIVES.

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